Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Bells (#1)

The next big project I embarked on was another mosaic - this time as a wedding present for my in-laws (Alice's other sister, Sarah, and her new hubby Philip). Technique-wise there is nothing innovative here - it's the basic 1x1 stud brick per pixel construction. Here is a photo of the happy couple with me in front of the mosaic (that's me in the middle, in the oh-so-cool Star Wars tie):


In order to get this mosaic to look good at this size (20 x 30 inches), I did incorporate a number of less common colors, including sand blue, sand green, dark purple, medium orange, and pink (I don't like to think about what I spent on Bricklink orders for pink brick during this period!)

Here is my most hard-earned piece of LEGO mosaic building wisdom: If you aren't going to use pink, and it is a mosaic of a human face or faces, then don't bother to use tan either. If you use tan alone, then whatever program you are using for your initial guide to building the mosaic will likely just make the entire face tan, which won't look too good (notice that my earlier mosaic of my nephew contains no pink, but it contains no tan either, for exactly this reason!) Adding pink, however (and medium orange as well as standard orange if possible) allows for a range of shades to be worked into the fleshy parts of the portrait, and then the tan becomes one element amongst many in the overall effect.

Here is the couple, recreating the pose in the mosaic:


I think I captured them pretty well.


PS: Laura, Alice's other sister, got married recently and is having a post-matrimony celebration in the fall. She has informed me that SHE wants a wedding mosaic too. Lord knows what I'm gonna do for that one!

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