Saturday, July 12, 2008

Roy's First Serious Creation!

My first serious LEGO creation was a mosaic of our nephew, E. Trust Decatur, which was created for Trust's first birthday. The mosaic was constructed in the Spring of 2005:

Although the main technique - one 1 x 1 brick per pixel, for a 96 x 96 pixel photo, is pretty standard, I did incorporate one innovation: Two layers of plates under the bricks in order to provide 'relief' to the portrait. You can see the layers of plates here:

And here is a close-up of one of the eyes in the finished product, which shows how the relief worked:

As already mentioned, I started this mosaic early in 2005, and it was completed by Trust's birthday (in May). I began this project thinking that it would be a one-time thing - that I would do a single LEGO mosaic, and then move on to something else. Instead, by the time I finished this, I had amassed tens of thousands of bricks, entered online LEGO building contests, and had already booked tickets to BrickFest in the following Autumn!

This build was educational for me, and not only for demonstrating how addictive LEGO as a hobby can be. Since this was a gift for family members who are not LEGO enthusiasts, I glued it. This caused serious complications, including exacerbating the warping that mosaics of this size tend to suffer from, even when they are not glued. As a result, the final product has proven difficult to frame or hang in an aesthetically pleasing manner, although we are hoping to solve that problem eventually.


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