Friday, July 11, 2008

In The Beginning...

This is the first post on our new blog. Basically, we have started this blog in order to share our LEGO creations with family and friends, as well as to showcase the creations of these same friends and family.

To start out, we should probably present our credentials, so that you have at least some reason to think we know what we are talking about. Of course, your first question should be: What form do credentials take, for Adult Fans of LEGO (or AFOLS)? The answer is easy, and obvious, once you see it: The various activities that an adult fan of LEGO takes part in are commemorated on engraved LEGO bricks (usually 1 x 8 stud bricks). Here is a photo of (many of) our engraved bricks, followed by a key to understanding what each brick represents:


(1) A Virginia Tech (that's Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University to you!) brick that a select few of us (i.e. Roy, who went to school there) obtained after the tragic student shootings in April 2007.
(2) Roy's name badge (He has about seven or eight different versions of this).
(3) Roy's online alias, "Imhotepidus" (and yes, that IS a rare pearl grey brick!). 
(4) Alice's name badge (She has lots of these, too).
(5) One of our DelVaLUG badges (DelVaLUG is the Delaware Valley LEGO User's Group, the adult LEGO group that we were active in while living in Philly, and of which we are still members-in-absentia).
(6) - (7) One of our very cool TwinLUG badges (TwinLUG is the Minneapolis & St. Paul (Twin Cities) LEGO User's Group, the 'LUG' we founded, along with Steve DeCraemer.
(8) One of our Brickfest 2005 badges. (BrickFest is a D.C. area LEGO convention).
(9) Roy's presenter badge from BrickFest 2005 ( He spoke on "LEGO as Art").
(10) One of our BrickFest 2006 badges.
(11) - (12) Roy's best mosaic award from BrickFest 2006, which he won for his Aayla Secura mosaic (about which more will be posted later!)
(13) Our ILTCO @ NMRA 2006 badge (NMRA is the National Model Railroad Association, and ILTCO is the International LEGO Train Club Organization, which displays a huge LEGO train display at each year's NMRA show).
(14) One of our Brickworld 2007 badges (Brickworld is a Chicago area LEGO convention - 2007 was its founding year).
(15) One of our BrickCon 2007 (more fully, North West BrickCon 2007) badges (BrickCon is a Seattle area LEGO convention).
(16) Our best area layout award from BrickCon 2007, for our "Authentic Cafe Corner" town scene (about which more will be posted later!)
(17) One of our Brickworld 2008 badges.
(18) Alice's 'FFOL' badge (Alice participated in a special rountable on FFOLs, or Female Fans of LEGO, at Brickworld 2008).
(19) Roy's coordinator badge from Brickworld 2008 (He ran the Dirty Brickster and Dirty Buildster contests).
(20) Roy's presenter badge from Brickworld 2008 (He presented on "LEGO as Art Redux: Aesthetic Aspects of the Brick").
(21) Roy's LEGO Ambassador badge from Brickworld 2008 (LEGO Ambassadors are a select group chosen by The LEGO Group to act as liasons between LEGO and the adult community. Being selected is quite an honor, and future posts will definitely contain more info!).
(22) - (23) Roy's best artwork award from Brickworld 2008, for his "MOC The Line: The Man in Black (and Bley, and White)" mosaic of Johnny Cash (about which more will be posted later!)

Anyway, that seems like more than enough for introduction. We will post more soon.

Roy and Alice.

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